Just a day after Juice WRLD's cause of death was revealed, more details surrounding the late musician's final moments are now starting to come out from the accounts of those closest to him.

TMZ is reporting that Alicia Leon, the girlfriend of Juice WRLD at the time he died of an accidental overdose, told authorities at Midway Airport that he "let out a gasp and collapsed to the ground" in the same moment that FBI agents started to search his bags. She also let cops on the scene know that Juice didn't complain one bit of any illness before suffering those fatal seizures, although she did confirm his year-long addiction to Percocet. Other details not privy to the public, including the fact Juice WRLD was bleeding from the mouth and nose when paramedics arrived and that he died wearing black nail polish designed with white crosses on his two middle fingernails, paint a sad-yet-vivid picture of the seconds that led to a young music legacy being tragically cut short.

Read the full report over on TMZ, which breaks down that day in more detail and gives a broader look at some of the questionable findings from the medical report. R.I.P forever, Juice WRLD.