The phantom scent of marijuana begins to permeate upon the mere mention of the name Wiz Khalifa. Now, the rapper took a break from his vigilant MMA routine to hit the studio and prepare his upcoming album, the proper follow-up to last year's Rolling Papers 2. Of course, we've already seen one project from Wiz this year, the Curren$y assisted 2009, but we're talking solo album in this context. The project is already starting to shape up, as evidenced by a new preview shared by the legendary Juicy J, who looks to be contributing some production to the cause.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

The clip finds Wiz and Juicy turning up in the studio, with the latter delivering a spirited cry of "SHUTTHEFUCKUP!" Meanwhile, a banger plays out, with strings evocative of Three 6's triumphant run, and the faintest glimpse of Wiz's vocal stylings: "yo, we up late!"

It should be noted that "coming soon" can translate to many different things in the hip-hop world, but Wiz has already been pretty active in teasing his next release. It wouldn't be surprising to see this one arrive in July or August, given today's climate for fast turnaround times and spontaneous release dates. You exited for some new Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa?