The third installment in the Jurassic World franchise is set to see theaters in June of 2021, according to Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. The franchise which is dropping Fallen Kingdom in June, has mapped out a plan for its third brainchild. 

The production team at Universal is credited with successfully rebooting the original trilogy, which had repeatedly missed the mark since its inception.

Colin Trevorrow, a principal script writer for the new film, outlined the production team's vision:

“It’s important to this franchise that we welcome new creative voices to keep our storytelling fresh and alive,”

“I’m thrilled with the tension and beauty J.A. has brought to Fallen Kingdom and I know Emily will add another layer of emotion to the concluding chapter of our trilogy.”

The third film, which has yet to receive a title, is planned for 2021. Word is they intend on developing the characters along a well-planned evolutionary curve. The announcement, essentially stages the life course for the franchise in the coming future.

[via Variety]