Justin “Bugatti” Bieber is readying his return to the game, no doubt reinvigorated with the spirit of a married man. Older, wiser, and more spiritually anchored, Biebs has reached a stage in his career in which he has nothing left to prove, save for perhaps himself. In that sense, his absence has indeed made the hearts grow fonder, to the point where many in the hip hop fan community have turned a watchful, if perhaps slightly disinterested eye upon him.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On the other Ed Sheeran feels like he’s taken the torch from Bieber and ran with it, becoming one of the most successful pop songwriters in recent memory. Talented and charismatic, Ed has also been taking somewhat of a musical hiatus, although his touring game is never-ending. Now, the pair of radio darlings have linked up for the upcoming summer anthem "I Don't Care," which is set to arrive in full this Friday.

Today, KMFM has shared an extensive snippet of the upcoming track, which seems likely to resonate with their respective fanbases. Cut from the same cloth as "Shape Of You" and "Let Me Love You." Do you have this one on your radar?