When word began to circulate that Justin Bieber had reunited with Selena Gomez and the two had begun rekindling the romance that they had once shared, the tabloid headlines expressed, at the very least, some shock that she was willing to give the "Love Yourself" singer a second chance. However, after a PDA sealed the duo's status as "on again," the questioning now turned to how serious the couple are now and going forward. 

As per a TMZ report, you believe the facial expressions of Bieber when asked if he is planning on proposing to Selena Gomez, the wordless answer ended up revealing a lot. That small grin, followed by a reddening of the cheeks, revealed that Justin is, well, quite smitten with his girlfriend and, down the road, could potentially pop the question. It wasn't an outright "no" anyways. Check out some video clips from the TMZ encounter below.

The paparazzi got him later on in the day as well and asked him about what item or wish he had at the top of his holiday wish list. The answer? Biebs is apparently thinking of starting a foundation of some sort. It would be another effort by the pop star to give back to those less fortunate, a passion that he has verbalized before, but some sort of arrangement of that magnitude would be a huge push in that direction.

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