Justin Bieber's a lot more lowkey nowadays than he was once before. He's no longer pissing in buckets or throwing punches at DJ's, and he's also kicked the cup, as they say. Every once in a while, he does randomly do something that catches everyone's attention. Earlier this month, the Canadian pop sensation called out Tom Cruise to fight him in the Octagon out of nowhere. He later clarified that he was just joking but it seems like others are using the moment to troll Biebervelli.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Justin Bieber got pulled up on by a fake Ivan Drago who wanted to fight the singer in the boxing match. Biebs was walking into Craig's last night where he was welcomed by the paparazzi and a fellow who pulled up in full boxing gear in anticipation to scrap the singer. The man, who turns out to be an attention-seeking YouTuber, previously pulled up to Logan Paul's house for an impromptu boxing match. 

The fake-Drago stood outside of the restaurant until Bieber was done. "LETS FIGHT BRoOOoo," he yelled while Bieber got into his car. "Why you want to fight with old guy? C'mon man, let's fight with Russian guy."

Fake-Drago didn't get the reaction from Bieber that he wanted but at least he got a bit of clout from it. Hope it was worth it, bro. 

[Via TMZ]