Among all the celebrities who have something to say about Kanye West, Justin Bieber has taken a very kind, sincere approach to the matter. Instead of sharing a full statement or a video explaining why Kanye is wrong or right, Biebs simply took to Instagram saying "You Are Loved" and "Our job is to love not to always agree! Love you Kanye!" As of right now, his last Instagram upload is a video of him singing Billy Preston's "You Are So Beautiful." We're not sure if that's also related to Kanye, but we'll take it as a kind gesture in his direction. 


The last man to speak on Ye was none other than Method Man who said "social media is the devil," explaining how Kanye's current resurrection has to do with his upcoming album and not to take it too seriously. "I just don't want Kanye to alienate himself from people that really love him," he said. "That's why people are reaching out. I mean regardless of how they're doing it with memes and stuff like that it's because we care... I don't think he's crazy. Shout out to Kanye. We love you, brotha. Come home."