According to TMZ, Justin Bieber came to the defence of woman being accosted by a frantic individual believed to be her ex. Reports indicate the man swarmed the party in a sordid state. Witnesses on the scene described the man's behaviour as "drug-induced." The Coachella after-party was otherwise a merrymaking and potential celebrity hookups.Patrick Schwarzenneger was reportedly there, Justin Bieber pulled his gang together, it was supposed to be a posi experience with near Christian undertones.

Apparently the raging "ex" waltzed into the party, immediately spotting the woman in question. Sources say the man grabbed her by the throat and proceeded to berate her in front of the entire party. Justin & company walked up and respectfully asked the man to let go, he refused. It's at this point that Justin threw a fade, catching the man in the face. He let go of his chokehold and directed his attention at Justin, throwing the born-again Christian against the wall. The man was subsequently tossed from the party as the female victim slipped off into the night.

TMZ also learned that his antics didn't simply die down after his party ejection. Apparently he started chasing an SUV, believing Justin to be inside the vehicle. Police caught up with the crazed individual shortly thereafter, arresting him on the spot.