Justin Bieber was offered a cool $5 million by the GOP to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention, but turned it down- as advised by his manager, Scooter Braun, and some guy named LeBron James.

TMZ reports thats a promoter assured Bieber that the event was "non political" which is comical because the performance was scheduled to take place right near the RNC venue and was funded by GOP donors. 

The Biebs' manager happens to be a big-time Hillary Clinton supporter and allegedly discussed putting up Black Lives Matter banners around the venue but the idea was rejected by the promoter. Braun also reportedly told Bieber that if he went ahead with the performance he'd have no choice but to stop representing him.

As for LeBron, he and his camp advised Bieber not to do the event after the promoter falsely claimed that the Cavs superstar would also be at the event to welcome the GOP. Of course, LBJ was never scheduled for such an event. 

Bieber seriously considered going through with the performance because he has nothing to do with American politics and, of course, the massive pay day but ultimately turned down the $5 mil at the request of Braun and 'Bron.