A paparazzi cameraman is looking for a payday following an accident he had involving Justin Bieber back in 2017. Bieber was leaving a church service in Beverly Hills in the evening hours and climbed into his 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck. Of course, his vehicle was surrounded by paparazzi who were all maneuvering around the front of the truck in an attempt to get the perfect shot of the pop singer, when, as he pulled off, Bieber knocked over William Wilson.

The cameraman fell to the ground and rolled under the truck. The other photogs yelled for Bieber to stop because had he continued on, he would have run over Wilson completely. When Bieber was made aware of what was happening, he stopped the truck and jumped out to help Wilson who was laid out on the ground. A few of the photogs criticized him for driving away too fast, putting their lives in danger. Bieber told them that they need to back away because it makes it difficult to drive if they're standing in front of his vehicle.

Police responded to the scene and made a report, but it was later found to all be an accident and the singer didn't face any charges. Wilson was treated at a nearby hospital for a leg injury, and now he's suing Bieber, claiming the singer was negligent in the way he pulled out into the street. According to TMZWilson also claims that he now suffers "permanent disability, emotional damages, and general damages. The extent of those "permanent injuries" have yet to be specified. Police previously stated that the cameraman shouldn't have been in the street in the first place and the accident may have been caused by the camera lights flashing in Bieber's eyes.