Justin Bieber has been chided in the past for his reckless behavior in public, but today, it's his head bodyguard that is in a lot of hot water for his irresponsible actions while behind the wheel.

According to a new report from TMZ, Michael Arana, the head of the singer's security detail, was allegedly driving drunk in Miami early Thursday morning, which ended with him smashing into a police car and also badly injuring the police officers that were inside the vehicle at the time.

Arana also apparently fled the scene before he could be taken into custody. After his SUV rammed into the cop car, one of the officers was airlifted to a nearby hospital because his injuries were deemed incredibly serious. The other officer was also taken to hospital, but sources say that his condition was not as dire as his coworker's. In the end, Arana was apprehended by another police car after he decided to bolt from the crime scene. Once he was apprehended, he refused to give a blood test to the cop who stopped him. 

He was eventually arrested after police found receipts that showed he purchased several alcoholic drinks after midnight, thus making it easy to book him for intoxication. In all, he's facing several charges, including three separate ones for DUI , and three additional charges of leaving the scene of an accident. One of the cops who was injured has since been released from hospital, but one is still recuperating from his injuries there. 

As of this writing, Justin Bieber has yet to comment on the incident and has also offered no word on whether or not Arana will stay on the singer's payroll. The biggest news in Bieber Land continues to be the reigniting of his romantic relationship with Selena Gomez. The female pop star, who recently broke it off with another Canadian-born hitmaker, The Weeknd, confirmed her second go-round with Bieber after they publicly shared a kiss that was caught by the paparazzi. It's too early to tell if this time it's the real deal, but the two certainly look to be getting serious about each other quite quickly.