The bill for a year and a half of Juuling has come for Florida International University’s rising freshman, Chance Ammirata. His receipt reads, “collapsed lung.” 

Earlier this month, Chance rushed to the hospital after the pain of simply sitting down was too much to bear. Initially, he assumed it was a bad case of a pulled muscle, but after a team of seven surgeons entered the room, he feared for his life. “It's scary when you see seven surgeons come in, you think they're going to tell you, you have like five days to live,” Chance told the Daily Mail.

In no time, a tube was penetrating down his throat to keep his lung inflated. “It was completely abrupt,” he recalled.

Juul has repeatedly claimed their product is a safer alternative to cigarettes, but stories like this say otherwise. “I've never smoked cigarettes - it's the Juul,” Chance states. Chance burned through one pod every two days. 

Chance now warns others of the dangers of Juul, “Even if they said I could smoke again, I would never pick up a Juul or anything that has smoke, I'm never going to pick up again.” He claims hundreds have replied to his Instagram stories detailing the event saying they will be throwing out their Juul. 

Juul has yet to comment on the case.