Having admitted repeatedly in the past that she has had some work done on her backside, R&B diva K. Michelle isn't one to shy away from surgery accusations. In fact, she meets them head on.

Before her concert performance in Montgomery, Alabama, K. Michelle posted a note to her Instagram account, dismissing haters who speak against her flaunting her backside. She writes:

I post the pictures and watch all the ugly chicks hate. We get it. You think my ass is fake, you think looking like spongebob is better. Understand this your man Loves it. My DM’s will hurt your feelings. Now carry on miserable. Go to sleep ugly and wake up ugly. Salute to my real chicks. I love y’all support!”

In other news, K. Michelle recently booked herself a a new VH1 reality series set to premiere on November 3. The show is said to shine some light on her life outside of music as a mother, businesswoman and girlfriend to basketball player Bobby Maze.