Yaebin, a K-pop singer in the group Hinapia, came under fire this week for a live-stream that she shared on social media. The star was singing along to Nicki Minaj's hit single "Super Bass" but she failed to censor herself well enough for people to let her off the hook, uttering the N-word a few times during it all.

"I know that you guys are really sensitive about [the N-word] so I really censored it [and made sure] not to pronounce it," said Yaebin during the stream. Watching the video, you can see that she did try not to say the word, flinching and pausing midway. However, she didn't try hard enough. It came out and now she needs to deal with the consequences.

People are informing her of how hurtful the word is in America, noting that she should look into the history of the word and why it is so disrespectful to use. After taking in all of the comments, Yaebin issued an apology on Instagram Stories.

"First of all I am terribly sorry for using the Nword on my iglive yesterday. What I did was really wrong," wrote the singer. "On yesterday's live I was singing Nicki Minaj's superbass and the Nword was included I tried to censor it by myself but realized I couldn't when I saw my video. I was so disrespectful for saying that word. Many people noticed me about how that word has a huge historical background."

She goes on to explain that her intention was not to offend anybody, admitting that she was insensitive and ignorant. It looks like she's learned her lesson.