At the end of April, Kanye West filed a motion with the courts to have a lawsuit against him dismissed. We previously reported that Ye was being sued by a Japanese knit fabric supplier named Toki Sen-I Co. who sued both the rapper and his Yeezy brand after they claimed they weren't paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for Yeezy kicks.

Toki Sen-I stated in court documents that West requested a large order from them. They asked for a down payment, but when he didn't pay it, they didn't see it as a problem since he's always made good in the past when they had worked with him before. However, he never dished out the cash for the goods, and they want their $624,051.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

The company also calls West's Yeezy brand a "shell" and a "sham," stating that the rapper is just using it as a way of not being held personally liable. They don't hold anything back in new court documents where they respond to Ye's request for dismissal, accusing West of using his celebrity status to defraud companies.

“Even more worrisome, Defendants might use its celebrity status to deceive other fabric manufactures in the future.” They're ready for the case to go to trial and ask that the court “punish the wealthy Defendants for their fraudulent and malicious behavior and to set an example to deter the Defendants and similar celebrity brands from using their status to defraud hardworking, innocent, and unexpecting vendors such as the Plaintiff.” Yikes.