Kanye West and Joe Rogan sat down for a three-hour conversation on Friday that eventually made its way to the internet on Saturday. The podcast already has just under four million views and it is expected to get even more engagement in the coming week as people who missed it, get themselves caught up. 

There were a wide variety of topics discussed in this podcast, including West's desire to run for President of the United States. They even touched on the world of sneakers, where West went in-depth on his infamous Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner.

"I designed this thing, we call it the Foam Runner, and we built a factory for it in Cody and you can make these in 25 minutes. And what I'm saying about design, I was talking to one of the awesome designers we just got over at Yeezy. We've got this amazing crew. We've got guys that Nike sued us for, and one of these guys, I was trying to hire him for two years, he had to go surf for a year, and now he's in," Kanye divulged. "When he does his cad drawings, it's like one shot one kill. Sometimes you design stuff and you have to re-do it five to eight times. His first one is so close to being ready for market because he sketches in a certain type of way."

Kanye went on to talk about the shoe and how much it's worth. As it stands this is the least expensive Yeezy to date although West is hoping for it to be even cheaper. In the interview, West said he hopes for the shoe to cost just $20 someday. "So for me, I'm gonna make this shoe be $20," West said. "Money isn't real, so the world should eventually be free."

As many already know, Yeezys can cost upwards of $300 USD, so a $20 shoe would certainly be a welcomed change of pace. If Ye were able to get this done, he would certainly change the entire landscape of the sneaker industry.

Kanye West

Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company