While we've been accustomed to seeing the nicer and warmer side of Kanye West since his engagement with Kim Kardashian, 'Ye still has some anger pent up, and according to TMZ he took it out on a not-so-innocent bystander.

TMZ reports that Kanye spazzed out on an 18-year old guy while he waited at the chiropractor's office with Kim today. As the story goes, there were reportedly plenty of paparazzi outside the office, swarming Kim as usual, and so this young man offered to hold the door open, giving his own two cents. He reportedly said to Kim, "Fuck these fa**ot-ass n****rs," referring to the photographers.

Kim then responded that it was not appropriate to use the n-word, to which the dude apparently screamed in response, "Fuck you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut." This, obviously, did not sit well with Kim, but she walked into the office following the unidentified man. A short time later, Mr. West arrived.

The details are not all clear, however it appears Kim passed along what this guy said to Kanye after he arrived, and Kanye in turn punched the dude in the face while Kim said, "We have it all on tape." It was the massage therapist who apparently separated the two men, and Beverly Hills cops were called to the scene. The 18-year old said he'd like to press charges.

There's no footage of this as of now, but we'll update you once we get more details on the incident.

[UPDATE: New Developments In The Doctor's Office Incident Involving Kanye West & Kim Kardashian]

As we reported yesterday, Kanye West allegedly got into a fight with another man in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills doctor office. It appears the man was taunting Kim Kardashian as she walked into the office, although beforehand he had been taunting the paparazzi.

Now TMZ has obtained some brief footage which shows Kim entering the doctor's office, and gives us a look at the 18-year old man who is at the center of this beef. The paparazzi give Kim some space as she walks up to the office, while the guy says "They're whack, dude. You have to deal with that everyday?" before going into the office with Kim, which is when the video cuts off.

There's also an image of the alleged victim in the gallery above, via TMZ, which shows him covering his face. Apparently this dude started calling the paparazzi various slurs when they entered the chiropractor's office, and Kim called him out. He then directed his epithets at Kim, while Kim proceeded to call Kanye on his cellphone. The alleged victim knew that 'Ye was on the other line so he hurled the n-word at him. Kanye was apparently nearby, and so when he arrived at the scene things turned ugly, as a punching match ensued.

Kanye is now a suspect of criminal battery investigation, while Kim Kardashian has already met with a lawyer and plans on filing a police report. This guy apparently went all out, he also threatened to kill Kim. A source tells TMZ the dude screamed "I WILL KILL YOU, SLUT."

We'll update you with any new developments in this case.