Kanye West is seemingly coming for the throne when it comes to being the Petty King. Though he has several plans on his plate these days such as a presidential bid, a GAP deal, and so much more, he's apparently had time to discover some of the lesser-known emojis in the world. Kanye West went on a bit of a spree on Twitter last night where he discussed a few of the world's loneliest emojis. 

Kanye's Twitter spree, however, didn't solely consist of innocuous banter about some of the more underrated emojis in Apple's catalog. The rapper and designer seemingly used the moment to revisit his long-standing feud with Taylor Swift. Tweeting out a photo of an actual snake, he questioned whether Christians were allowed to use that emoji in the first place along with a slight reference to his beef to Taylor. "Not gonna use a snake emoji cause you know why ... I'm not sure if Christians are allowed to use snake emojis," he tweeted.

Kim Kardashian famously called Taylor Swift a snake following the whole debacle surrounding "Famous." Shortly after, fans of Ye and Kim began to flood Taylor's comments and Twitter mentions with snake emojis. It's unclear why Kanye's bringing this up now but it seems like he has some unresolved feelings regarding the situation.