Kanye West and Dame Dash recently put their differences aside and decided to start doing business together. With the plan in motion to purchase the bankrupt clothing site, Karmaloop, the moguls also worked together on a short film called “Loisaidas”, which was debuted back in February. However, it now appears that the two are being sued over that film.

According to TMZ, a 2-man latin music group by the name of "Loisaidas" have filed a lawsuit against Kanye and Dame for stealing their name for the movie. The group has apparently been using the name since 2008, and the one member, Michael Medin, believes the movie tarnishes his brand because it promotes murder, violence, and drug sales. 

Medin wants a judge to stop the project and compensate them for damages. (Below, is a trailer for the short film, which you can purchase here if you want)