Last week, images surfaced on the internet of Kanye West and Kid Cudi at Takashi Murakami's studio in Japan. The images that were posted onto Instagram left very vague captions that led many to believe that the two would be releasing some sort of project on December 31st. Although there wasn't any concrete information that confirmed it then, it seems like Page Six has received some insider information.

According to the website, both Cudi and Kanye have been working on a top secret project in Japan. Their insider source reports that the project is so secretive that they're remaining low-key in the studio and constantly working on it. The two are planning to drop this project out of nowhere. The project is said to be so top secret that the only people in the studio are Kanye, Kid Cudi and their engineer and nobody else has heard it or even knows what it sounds like.  

It's some exciting news to hear for sure, especially considering the track record Kanye West and Kid Cudi have together. The two have a reputation of experimenting and pushing the boundaries with every project they make. The most notable piece of work being Kanye West's 808's & Heartbreak that truly shifted the way music is being made, even if it wasn't recognized at the time of it's release.

Both Kanye West and Kid Cudi did have some pent up tension that they let out last year which was quickly resolved. The two also had a rough patch towards the end of the year, facing problems with their mental health leading the two to get administered into rehabilitation facilities. 

While last week's pictures of the two artists only led to speculation of a collaborative project, hopefully this newfound information will confirm that they'll be coming out with some new music together before 2017 ends.

Throughout the year, it seems that Kanye's been remaining relatively quiet in the public eye and continuing to push his creative side. He was reported to be in a mountain top in Wyoming working on an upcoming project.

While for Cudi it's been a relatively quiet year as well, he announced last week that he'll be taking Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' on the road with a 27-date North American tour scheduled from late September to mid-November. Hopefully, he'll rock a little snippet of the upcoming project while on tour.