Those wondering why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been especially private in recent months should take a look at what happened when they tried go out for a simple Valentine's Day dinner date last night. 

In NYC for the lover's holiday, Kim and a blonde Kanye exited their limo right outside of the restaurant Carbone in Greenwich Village. Immediately upon stepping into the street, they were met with an epilepsy-inducing lightning storm of camera flashes from a violent mob of paparazzi. One can hear the photographers angrily barking at each other as they struggle to get a decent look at the superstar couple. 

The same shutterbugs hung around through the entire date, greeting Kimye with the same attack of flashing lights when they exited the restaurant. Though they were probably eager to get back to their private abode, it's good to see that the couple's immense fame hasn't completely deterred them from having a romantic night on the town.