Kanye West has been unpredictable this year. Wearing a "Make America Great Again Hat" and saying "slavery was a choice" on TMZ, then apologizing for the comments in an interview months later in his hometown, all the while releasing five albums, putting out clothes and sneakers which have apparently made him worth $1 billion dollars, creative directing Pornhub's awards ceremony, releasing a song with Lil Pump of all people and now, hanging out with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

It's almost too much to handle for those of us who've been with Kanye since the beginning, when he was rapping about sharing a bed with his cousins in "Family Business," not about wanting to smash his sister-in-laws on "XTCY." The 6ix9ine revelation comes from Kanye's own Twitter account, where he posted a photo of himself and 6ix9ine.

Many of Kanye's fans registered their disappointment in relation to the tweet, some saying that this is where they draw the line, or warning to keep kids away from Tekashi. Others were all for it, writing passionate, all-capped TREWAYs. However you feel about it, it's a move that's both surprising and completely predictable considering what many are calling Kanye's mid-life crisis (there was also precedent for the meet-up, Kanye has sent Tekashi shoes and the two have been involved in a pop-up). 

At the end of the day, there are two things that are impossible to ignore: 1. Kanye's fluorescent Prada jacket and 2. the fact that Kanye West is not only happily posing next to someone who pled guilty to "the use of a child in a sex act," but went out of his way to post the photo on Twitter.