Although Kanye West is currently a suspect in a criminal battery investigation resulting from when the rapper allegedly pummelled an 18-year old man in a doctor's waiting room, things may not be headed to court. Apparently the young man is looking for a big pay out (surprise) from Kanye rather than go through a criminal trial.

According to TMZ, sources say that the victim is asking for a large sum of money to settle the matter out of court. While witnesses say this guy was punched over 30 times by Kanye, he also incited 'Ye's rage by hurling racial epithets at Kim Kardashian and Kanye. Nonetheless, reports say that the 18-year old man's lawyer has called Kanye's people and is asking to make a civil settlement-- for several hundred thousand dollars.

The exact price is unknown, but apparently both sides are in negotiations. It's likely Kanye would want to avoid a public trial as well, but we'll update you once more developments have been made in the case.