Despite the endless reach of his own ego, Kanye has never been hesitant to eschew praise on his fellow artists. Today, Kanye hopped on Twitter to express his admiration for Will Ferrell. After seeing the newly released "Zoolander 2," in which Ferrell plays evil fashion lord Jacobim Mugatu, Kanye decided that the comedian/actor "has reached walking living breathing god status." 

"His existence is a blessing," Kanye continued, before placing him on the same tier as the kung fu great Bruce Lee.

Kanye went on to thank Ferrell for "the years of joy he has brought into my life with amazing comedy." With a career spanning many classic SNL sketches and movies like "Old School," "Wedding Crashers," "Anchorman," and many, many more, I think it's a sentiment we can all agree on.

Though Kanye clearly loved "Zoolander 2," the general public hasn't been quite as impressed. The film is currently sitting on a paltry Rotten Tomatoes rating of 23%. For those who've seen it: Does it live up to the original?