Before we attempt to unpack Charlamagne Tha God’s interview of Kanye West in its entirety, one thing must be stated. Charlamagne needs to be exalted for the manner in which he conducted this piece. There are more than enough journalists and radio personalities who would have attacked Kanye because they disagree with his views. In fact, Charlamagne himself has been known to verbally abuse guests, throwing shots at them while challenging their viewpoints. Instead of talking AT Kanye, Charlamagne spoke WITH him. He asked ‘Ye the questions that everyone wanted the answers to in a method that was respectful, intellectual, and vulnerable. He could have spoken about Kanye’s mental health condition disparagingly, yet instead, he compared it with his own visits to therapy. He could have torn ‘Ye down for his tweets about Trump, instead, he phrased the concern in a more introspective manner. This is what happens when objectivity meets passion.

Outside of his music, ‘Ye was the most vulnerable and open than he’s ever been during this interview. "Charlamagne interviews Kanye" could have easily turned into "Charlamagne versus Kanye." For two men who enjoy raising their voices a lot, this was a rather docile one hour and forty-five minutes. It is clear that ‘Ye is in a much better place mentally than people would assume. His confidence is exactly where it’s been for most of his career, so anyone shocked to hear him call himself the greatest is either sensationalizing a statement we’ve heard for over a decade or literally clueless. West did not need to reveal the scariest moment in his life, or the inadequacies he felt after his wife was mugged. Nor did he need to reveal that he is on medication for his mental health, or that he was hurt when Obama called him a “jackass.” Rather than pointing a finger at Kanye’s cocky comments, which we’ve heard plenty of times before, we should be focusing on something the Chicago rapper rarely does outside of his music. Admits he has flaws, put those flaws front and center, and opines about them without getting belligerent. No one would have been shocked if Kanye hid his insecurities under a mask of machismo. Instead, he displayed his flaws and for the first time in years (if ever) Kanye was almost speechless when thinking about the answers to Charlamagne’s questions. 

But then, as we all know, this happened. Sigh.