Kanye West says that he purchased a home next to Kim Kardashian so it'd be easier to stay close with his kids, not to spy on his ex-wife, as he says some media outlets have implied. West discussed his family situation during a new interview with Hollywood Unlocked. 

“My solace comes from seeing my kids and getting a solid schedule," West explains in a clip from the upcoming interview. "That’s why I even got the house. They flipped it in the media like it was something wrong with me getting a house next to my kids.”

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Ye copped the $4.5 million home back in December 2021. Fans on social media were quick to label the behavior "creepy" and "stalkerish."

West continues: “It’s nothing where my career, rap, this media, none of that, that’s going to keep me from my children, and that’s what I want everybody to know: Don’t play with me, don’t play with my children, and ain’t no security gonna get between me and my children; and you ain’t finna gaslight me and you ain’t gonna run this narrative on me.”

As for music news, West's new collaboration with The Game, "Eazy," is expected to release tonight on Spotify.

Check out Kanye's explanation for buying the house below.