Kanye West's criminal record is absolutely clean, as a judge has officially expunged the records of the 2013 battery case in which Kanye allegedly assaulted an L.A. photographer. The incident in question happened in summer 2013, when West grabbed a photographer and his camera after the man, Daniel Ramos, had seemingly been provoking him. Ramos, who claimed to have sustained an injury from the encounter, filed a lawsuit shortly thereafter, and Kanye, after some delays, pled no contest to a charge of misdemeanor battery in March 2014. He was sentenced to 24 months of probation, 24 private therapy sessions, and 250 hours of community service. 

Just over a year later, it was reported that Kanye and the photographer had reached some sort of settlement, part of which included a formal apology on West's behalf (as evidenced by a picture of an uncomfortable handshake). Regardless of whatever deal was struck between Ye and Ramos, the judge has now confirmed that the Pablo rapper has completed all of the terms of his initial sentencing. He has thus agreed to expunge the case from Kanye's record. 

Recent evidence seems to agree with the judge on his belief that Kanye has shown real behavioral progress with regard to the paparazzi. In February, he played the mediator in a potential brawl between two photographers -- breaking up the scuffle with conciliatory hugs, and the next month, Kanye let a couple of members of the paps give him a ride home from the gym.