Fans will no doubt recall Kanye West's real time experimentation with The Life Of Pablo, which he dubbed a "living album." Upon release, Ye frequently revisited Pablo, adding tracks, "fixing Wolves," and tinkering with lyrics. The line from "Famous," for example, wasn't always "she's in school to be a real estate agent." His actions may have been frustrating to those in favor of continuity, but he ultimately made an interesting statement about the nature of art in general; can a painter return to a museum and update his piece? In that regard, Pablo proceeded to take on an added, if divisive, layer of artistry.

Now, it would appear that Yeezy is back to his old antics. While Ye is less than one week old, it would appear that it's about to take on a life of its own. HHNM has caught the first instance of altered lyrics, which take place in the album's opening selection, "I Thought About Killing You." As of now, the change can only be heard in the clean version, which leaves one wondering whether or not the album version will be updated in tandem. During the song's climactic verse, Yeezy originally rapped: 

If I wasn't shinin' so hard, wouldn't be no shade
Buckwheat-ass n***a, it's 'gon be otay
Young nigga shit, n***a, we don't age
I thought I was past my Deebo ways

Now, instead of the "young n***a shit line," Ye has inserted a new take. "Sorry but I chose not to be no slave," he raps, alluding to his controversial "slavery is a choice" commentary; while he went easy on the explanation, perhaps the album's success once again has him feeling emboldened. Should you be curious to catch the changes, peep the clean version on all major streaming services.