Kanye West's Instagram comeback died before it could truly blossom. It would appear the mysterious auteur was hit with a sudden urge to honor some of popular culture's most iconic couples, spending the better part of an afternoon lining his feed with throwback pictures. While some like Michelle and Barack Obama have stood the test of time, many of his chosen couples have long since broken up. Perhaps it's a testament to Kanye's beautiful dark twisted understanding of love; consider "Hell Of A Life," which in many ways feels like one of Post 808s & Heartbreaks Kanye's definitive tracks

His own highly publicized relationship has become embedded in cultural lore, for better or worse. It begs the question: does he identify with relationships initially fueled by passion, that go on to fizzle out and disappear from memory? After all, are Bill Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie really worthy of inclusion in the couple's hall of fame? The mind of West truly works in mysterious ways. To be honest, we can sling theories for days. Either way, whatever message he may or may not have been sending is forever lost, as Kanye West has once again deleted his Instagram page.

What led the man to break his social media hiatus for such a brief, yet specific posting spree? Are Eldritch forces at work? Or was he simply seized by a genuine desire to spread Valentine's Day cheer. I suppose we will never know.