Ever changing like a Gemini, always reinventing himself, you could say from album to album, season to season, Kanye is starting to fuse quite evidently with his better half. Fashion is what they bond over, unless Kim has a hidden chamber we don't know about.

Kanye, pictured below, has reportedly moved on from bleach blonde, sherbet, mozaic, soul-glo and other manifestations of his hair, to give us the bubblegum look via @TheShadeRoom

This hair dye look may no be as gender bendy as the big leather skirt he wore at the 2012 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, but has all the same implications. Critics are bound to make the sweeping generalization of his mental health being a the source of this peculiar look. The next "logical" conclusion over his appearance points to his Synesthesia, a condition in which colors, sounds, and sights are perceived almost simultaneously. Pink is the color of universal love, is it not?

The single image of this transformation, paints Kanye in a look displacement, like a girl guide without its leader. Whichever the case, we can't help but marvel at his risk-taking ability.