Kanye West is a man of many ambitions, as anyone in the pop culture know can attest. And while he has certainly managed to thrive in some departments, namely in the realms of music and fashion, Kanye West recently made a valiant attempt to crossover into the tumultuous and downright volatile world of politics. Though he did manage to land on a few ballots here and there, it's safe to say that Kanye's Presidential campaign was basically a bust -- one that ultimately proved rather costly, at that.

Kanye West

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

According to American political journalist Ben Jacobs of the NY Mag, in September alone, Kanye West went on to spend over three million of his own dollars on his Birthday Party campaign. Jacobs also maintains that as per the FEC report West recently filed, his campaign was able to fundraise a total of $2782, broken down as follows: $1582 in unitemized contributions of under $200, and two separate itemized contributions of $1000 and $200.

Jacobs also confirms that Ye only recently (October 19th) contributed an additional $2 million dollars, an indication that he has no intention of slowing this one down anytime soon. He also clarifies that Kanye West has spent a grand total of $12 million dollars on his presidential campaign, with only a fraction having come directly from donors. "West has loaned his campaign $9.76 million and contributed $2.11 million to it," tweets Jacob. "His campaign has raised $17,635 from donors."

It should be noted that Kanye West has also spent millions of dollars hiring Republican consulting firms, including the Lincoln Strategy Group, to whom he now reportedly owes $193,000. In addition to this, Yeezy is also reportedly in the hole for $1.2 million to the Fortified Consulting group. Considering that Kanye is looking at virtually zero chance at securing the Presidency, it's hard not to wince upon seeing the total numbers -- even though few artists are as rich as the Yeezy billionaire, who certainly has a sizable fortune to throw around. 

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