If this isn't the most hyped album drop in the history, I don't know what is. Kanye was able to debut both his album and his new clothing line at Madison Square Garden -- no small feat -- but we still haven't got The Life of Pablo, which was supposed to be released later that same day. He's since shared two new tracklists, and he's just taken to his Twitter to suggest that The Life of Pablo might drop tonight, after his performance on Saturday Night Live. 

Amid another memorable Twitter rant, Kanye wrote, "In a few hour the journey begins." It seems like the journey has taken all year, though perhaps this particular journey is -- finally -- the actual release of his new album. 

The rant begins with Kanye explaining the legacy of Paul the Apostle, or "the most powerful messenger of the first century," in his opinion. He seems to suggest a kinship between Paul and himself -- and it looks like there is a connection between Paul and Pablo, too. Indeed, Pablo is Spanish for Paul -- though that's about as far as our speculative efforts go. Whatever the true meaning of the album's title, Kanye insists that "all memes are wrong." 

Oh yeah, and while 'Ye was busy detailing his divine inspiration, he revealed that he's "53 million dollars in personal debt." Say what? 

Who's staying awake for tonight's journey? In the meantime, Kanye is about to take the stage at SNL. And don't forget about Young Thug