Kanye West's presidential run isn't looking too good. He was already kicked off the ballot in Illinois after officials concluded that the majority of the 2,500 signatures he needed were invalid. Out of the 3,128 signatures, it was determined that 1,928 of them were not valid. Now, a similar situation has occurred in New Jersey. 


According to NJ.comafter an election lawyer questioned over 700 signatures for West to be included on the ballot, the mogul's campaign withdrew his petition to remain. In an email to Judge Gail Cookson, Mr. West's campaign said it would not be challenging the Secretary of State’s decision. “At this time, Kanye 2020 has no further option than to regrettably withdraw from New Jersey and cease further efforts to place Mr. West’s name on the New Jersey ballot,” stated the email. The West campaign had a scheduled hearing to fight for the signatures, which amounted to 1,327 in total, including the supposed frauds.

White House correspondent and ipolitical analyst April Ryan chimed in on this predicament, claiming that it could lead to an election-fraud investigation. "Two states declaring #KanyeWest inelligible to be on #POTUS ballot due to faulty signatures could open him up to an #ElectionFraud investigation," Ryan wrote on Twitter. "I would imagine other states where reported GOP operatives assisted him to get on the ballot will soon be reviewing. #Election2020."