Kanye West is currently in Uganda working on his forthcoming album, Yandhi which is due out in November. Since heading to the East African country, he also made his return to Twitter. However, the rapper's use of social media might end up costing him some change.

According to PageSix, a social media tax implemented in Uganda could mean that Kanye West is being charged for his Twitter use. The tax, which was protested after going into effect on July 1st, charges 200 Ugandan shillings or $0.05 per day to use 60 mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The tax itself is the first of its kind, Electronic Frontier Foundation says.

The tax bill was met with controversy. President Museveni, who seems to have formed a bond with Kanye and Kim, referred to social media as a luxury item. However, the government previously blocked social media in 2016 during the elections in an effort to stop protests and block opposition. 

Kanye West has been documenting his trip to Uganda since he touched down, however, he's faced some backlash for his meeting with President Museveni. A former musician and current Parliament member, Robert Kyagulanyi has opposed the ban and also led protests against the social media tax. 

“It would have been great if he had used his voice for the good of people in Africa… I’m a musician but I am not allowed to stage a show in my own country because I disagree with the president. It is very disappointing.” He said in a report

At this point, it's unsure how long Kanye West will be in Uganda for, but according to PageSix, the rapper might extend his trip longer. Sources said that "Kanye wants to get involved in creating a tourism and hospitality school for higher education.”