Kanye West is keeping his upcoming album top-secret (which seems to be a thing these days), however it appears as though the album is complete and awaiting release. 

Yesterday Complex did an interview with one of the L.A. Trade Tech students (the school Kanye has been going to, to give lectures as part of his community service hours). In the interview, the student said that during a recent lecture Kanye was asked about his new album. All Kanye said about the new LP is that he is "waiting on it," he's "waiting for it to come out." This leads us to believe the album is entirely finished, and could drop any day now (?!).

This is further confirmed with news that Kanye West played his entire album (not once, but three times) for a private party in Paris last night, alongside Theophilus London. London took to Instagram to share a few images from a private party of about twenty people in Paris, and on a photo he took with Yeezy he wrote, "So shortly after this picture I Only remember kanye playing his new album 3 times in a dark room of 20 people last night and moshing drunk with mad babes haha."

In a separate photo of Kanye and Theophilus, he wrote, "YE SAID HASH TAG THIS #NEWPARIS." What does this hash tag mean? Could it mean anything more than meets the eye? We'll let you guys talk conspiracy theories in the comments below.

Finally, on Twitter this morning, Theophilus London confirms he's on Kanye's new album ("even the single").

Take a look at Theophilus' photos in the gallery above. Listen to his latest Vibes single "Do Girls" here. Vibes drops October 7th and is executive produced by Ye.