Kanye West is fresh off the release of two new songs, "Lift Yourself" and "Ye Vs. The People." The rapper built excitement for "Lift Yourself" when he announced the song but it later turned out to be a troll that spawned his latest quotable lyric, "Poopy di scoop, scoop diddy whoop." Within 24 hours of it's release, Smokepurpp released a remix to the song which is just as much of a troll where he called himself your favorite lyricist and ironically gave J. Cole a shout out. It turns out Kanye West has already heard it and it gets his approval.

Kanye West took to Twitter to co-sign Smokepurpp's remix of "Lift Yourself." However, he clarified that he didn't share the song to diss J. Cole because he loves J. Cole. In addition, he also revealed his favorite part of Purpp's remix. 

"I'm posting this but not as a diss to J Cole. I love J Cole. I also love where Purp took his flow," he said.

Despite the tweet, there's been hostility between J. Cole and both Smokepurpp and 'Ye. Kanye recently told Charlamagne Tha God that he feels Cole always takes shot at him on records. In addition, Smokepurpp's fans recently chanted "fuck J. Cole" at two separate shows after J. Cole's alleged diss to Lil Pump and the new generation on K.O.D. outro "1985."