Kanye West just fucked up the internet by dropping and subsequently deleting "Real Friends" featuring Ty Dolla $ign and a snippet from No More Parties in LA" feat. Kendrick Lamar. Madlib is the architect behind the "No More Parties" beat. As it turns out, the song can be traced back to the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions in 2010.

How do we know this? The answer lies in bonus footage of a Stone's Throw documentary called "Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton." The footage features an interview with Kanye West in which he gushes about Madlib and recalls their collaborations in the lead up to MBDTF.

"I just paint the scene of how I felt sitting there with Madlib working on these tracks and just hearing the textures," he said, before rapping the line that he appears almost verbatim in his new song: "Over at the crib you left your Ray Bans/My sheets still orange from your spray tan/No more parties in LA/No more parties in LA."

Madlib corroborated this story in a 2010 interview with LA Weekly, in which he mentioned that he gave Kanye five beats for the "new album."

Skip to the 21:45 minute mark in the video below to watch Kanye talk Madlib and rap "No More Parties in LA."