We posted footage earlier today of Kanye West spazzing out on paparazzi who decided to wait for the rapper, in his driveway, at 4 in the morning. Obviously anyone would be upset in that same situation, because the fact that it's 4 AM is bad enough. 

During the clip 'Ye calls out a photographer asking if he hopped his garage, and it seems that may have been exactly what he did. The photographer may now be facing charges of trespassing, as sources say he's looking to prosecute.

TMZ reports that Yeezy has reviewed security footage from his home, and you can clearly see at least one of the photographers trespassing on his private property. Word is that Kanye plans to file a police report in order to get the photographer charged with criminal trespassing.

We'll update you when more information on the situation surfaces. Watch the footage of 'Ye yelling at the paparazzi below.

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