It looks like Kanye West is upsetting his neighbors for the amount of construction that is being needed to build his “dome” housing project. According to TMZ, one neighbor even called the cops due to the late work hours & made a noise complaint this past weekend.

Many of Kanye’s Calabasas neighbors say there's been a crazy amount of construction work going on at the site. They say construction crews were working for more than 12 hours both Saturday and Sunday, but that’s illegal as the city only allows construction from 8 AM - 5 PM on weekends.

As a result, at least one neighbor called the cops Sunday complaining of noise, and L.A. County Sheriff's deputies responded at 7:30 PM and found a construction crew hard at work on one of the domes. Sources say the deputies told the crew to stop and they did.

In other related news, Kanye's crew didn't get the proper permits and was cited for violating the building code. He was given the option to either get the proper permits or tear the 4 structures down by Sept. 15. He's chosen the latter, hence why the construction noise is still going on.

We’ll keep you posted once more information on this housing project surfaces.