There's already been a lot of talk about Kanye's next album, despite knowing next to nothing about it. Rumors have circulated, claiming it will be named anything from Rich Black American to I Am God, but not much has been confirmed (though there may be a single called "I Am A God"). The latest report comes after Kanye's trip to Paris in which he is said to have worked with both Daft Punk and Chief Keef, as well as his announcement that he will be performing on SNL May 18th.

According to Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, the album is done, and Def Jam has already done an official listening session. "I just heard that Def Jam had a listening last week, and everyone at the label listened to the album and loved it. I heard it's dark, but really good," he revealed.

This is a good indication that Kanye will in fact be debuting new material on SNL, we'll just have to wait and see how "dark" it really is.