According to Kanye West, God is to blame for him rushing the stage after Taylor Swift won "Best Female Video" at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

During the first part of his conversation with Nick Cannon on Cannon's Class, Kanye said a bunch of things that are headline-worthy. One thing that could not be missed was the fact that he explained his infamous moment with Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, which sparked a decade-long feud between the two artists.

As he detailed his relationship with a higher being, the business mogul noted that the only reason he jumped on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift was because of God.

"He wants me to say this now," started Kanye. "If God didn't want me to run on stage and say Beyoncé had the best video, he wouldn't have sat me in the front row. I would have been sitting in the back."

Kanye, you were seated in the front row because that's where the award show organizers placed you... I'ma let you finish, though.

"He wouldn't have made it the first award," he continued. "And he wouldn't have made it so ridiculous! I had never heard of [Taylor Swift] before that. And 'Single Ladies' is one of the greatest videos of all time. And I was only drinking Hennessy because I didn't wanna go to the award show because it was a setup."

Whatever happened to, I don't know, taking accountability for one's actions?

What do you make of Kanye's explanation?