I'll just go ahead and reiterate what I said on Kanye West's "30 Hours" song-- Yeezy's twitter feed has been a goldmine of news stories lately. The once-reclusive tweeter has been keeping the tweets consistent, on a daily basis. It's almost too much. Nonetheless, here's a tweet all fans can appreciate: an update on the whereabouts of The Life of Pablo.

Although the album was debuted live across the world yesterday, we still haven't received a proper stream, or even a link to buy it. That's because it's actually not ready yet. Kanye tweeted that the album is being mastered right now, but it will be released today. The mastered verison includes a few additional tracks-- he shared an updated tracklist for TLOP on twitter. 

You'll notice there are now 17 records total, which definitely beefs up the album quite a bit-- it includes what many may have thought was a throwaway, the G.O.O.D. Friday leak "30 Hours." Take a look below. 

We've included some photos from yesterday's Madison Square Garden event above.