Two of the biggest personalities in the entire world, Kanye West and Dennis Rodman, have officially been linked as the former shared a personal video message that Rodman sent him for his birthday a few weeks ago.

"The last time I saw you in Chicago at the hotel, all security, high-proflin' and stylin' baby," said the eccentric basketball legend. "Love what you're doing with Adidas, man. Keep it up, brother. Send me some shoes some time... what the fuck, man! Chicago boys, what's up. Let's get together some time, man."

Kanye West
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

West didn't offer much context to the video, which was likely shared with him closer to his birthday in June. However, he did refer to Rodman as one of the people he looks up to.

"Blessings from one of my heroes, The incredible alien level Dennis Rodman," tweeted Ye.

This has been a busy two-week stretch for Kanye, who announced he was running for President, released some new music, and then reportedly dropped out of the race after posting 2% in the latest polling numbers. Surprisingly enough, he was set to be taking more voters from Donald Trump than Joe Biden.

Do you think West and Rodman have anything planned together?