Kanye West has had a pretty rich history when it comes to the sneaker game. Back in 2009, Kanye linked up with Nike where he got to release some of his own sneakers, including the Air Yeezy 1 and 2. While these shoes were incredibly popular amongst fans, Kanye was starting to feel disaffected by Nike as they wouldn't let him have his very own silhouettes. West was growing increasingly frustrated and eventually left the Beaverton brand in favor of Adidas, who was willing to give Kanye complete creative freedom.

While he didn't leave Nike on the best of terms, the artist still has quite a bit of goodwill towards them, as demonstrated today when he took to Twitter with some much-deserved praise. In the tweet below, Kanye said "WOW SO COOL NIKE ... KEEP INNOVATING ... THE WOLRD NEEDS IT ... GREAT JOB." He paired the caption with a photo of some pretty futuristic-looking sneakers that seemingly have some spring technology, while also incorporating Air cushioning.

Despite the tweet, we certainly won't be seeing West back at Nike anytime soon. Adidas has helped turn Kanye into a billionaire and his Yeezy line continues to be one of the most culturally relevant entities in all of sneaker culture.

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