Kanye West and Barack Obama are from the same city but they've had their fair share of differences over time. For one, Obama called Kanye West a jackass, although he did admit that 'Ye's also talented.. Two, Obama also said he and Kanye never spoke on the phone, despite the rapper's claim. Overall, they've never really had much of a solid relationship despite being from the same city. However, after recent comments about Donald Trump, the rapper took to Twitter, once again, to speak on Obama.

Kanye West suggested on Twitter that Barack Obama didn't do anything for the city of Chicago during his time in office. This comes shortly after he voiced his support for Donald Trump.

"Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed." The rapper wrote.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump said that he helped decrease the unemployment rate among minority groups and said, "Dems did nothing for you but get your vote!" It's something that's been wildly debated as many have pointed out that the unemployment rate began declining during the Obama administration. 

In addition to his criticism towards Obama, the rapper continued his Pro-Trump campaign shortly after. The rapper shared a photo of Apple CEO Tim Cook and Donald Trump sitting next to each other before tweeting, "2 of my favorite people."