For the last week, Kanye West has been live streaming his adventures in Africa as he gets to work on his upcoming album and spends time with his family. Ye wanted to make his way to the continent so he could "touch the soil," building an open-air studio to enjoy the view while he worked. Prior to his Ugandan journey, the superstar visited Donald Trump at the White House, which you've undoubtedly heard about at this point. The recording artist made it a point of his to propose a new plane be built specifically for the President because, in his words, "if he don't look good, we don't look good." Now that Yeezy is back in the United States, people are keeping an eye on him and many were quick to notice his choice in footwear as he visited the Apple Store in Chicago.

Page Six reported about Ye being back in the country, chopping it up with a few employees at Apple, and it was pointed out that instead of the usual Yeezy or Adidas footwear, Kanye is rocking Under Armour Forge 96 sneakers. It's worth it to note that UA experienced some backlash after their CEO Kevin Plank supported Donald Trump during and after his election. It's likely not a coincidence that he is choosing to rock Plank's brand, supporting both him and the 45th President at the same time.

As with much of Kanye's wardrobe, the Forge 96 sneakers are nearly sold out now. It's unclear whether Ye's influence boosted sales but we're sure some people are buying them simply because they saw him rocking them.