It's been a minute since we've heard anything on Kanye West's Life Of Pablo followup, and fans have little idea of what might be expected. After all, Kanye has always moved in mysterious ways, never staying within the confinements of genre. Even the narrative surrounding his new album is straight out of a novel, complete with a soul-searching retreat in the mountains of Wyoming. We do know that Migos have made appearances at the Kanye Compound, where they worked on a "stash" music with the auteur; otherwise, Kanye's collaborators remain largely unknown. 

Today, a recent photo from Talib Kweli has added a little bit of fuel to the hype fire. The rapper took some time off destroying white supremacists on Twitter to share an image of himself, Kanye West, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) and Dave Chappelle once again reunited. Talib and Kanye are no strangers, having collaborated on tracks like College Dropout's "Get Em High," as well as Talib's "Get By." Despite the fact that Talib previously called out Kanye over praising Donald Trump, it seems as if the former friends and collaborators are back at it with the creative vibes. Honestly, we don't really have much to go on, but Talib's caption does seem to promise big things to come. 

It's also great to see Mos Def back in the mix, another longstanding Kanye collaborator, who previously worked on "Two Words" and "Drunk And Hot Girls." As for Dave Chappelle, well...his presence is always welcome. After seeing this picture, it's hard not to think back to Kanye's College Dropout Days, which begs the question...are about to get a return of the "Old Kanye?"