Kanye West may very well have done it all, when the dust settles around his truly unique career. From pioneering a sample-based hip-hop production style to linking with Rick Rubin and Bon Iver for some icy electronica, Kanye's quest for innovation has brought him across the musical spectrum. Lyrically, Ye's been relatable, cartoonishly hedonistic, and most recently, a bonafide man of God. His business ventures have set the fashion world ablaze, with Yeezy currently standing as one of the dominating footwear brands. He's even kicked around the idea of a biopic in which Danny McBride would play him, a portrayal that oddly makes sense.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Now, Yeezy has truly outdone himself, stepping full-on into the strange and uncharted world of opera. Not long ago, Ye announced NEBUCHADNEZZARthe world's first hip-hop opera based on the King of that same name. The lavish, Vanessa Beecroft-directed production has officially landed on a date, premiering this coming Sunday on November 24th. Should you be in the area, you can swing by The Hollywood Bowl to check it out; while it's hard to say what Yeezy has in store, a press release promises a cornucopia of influences strung together by the fibrous stands of that "Kanye Sound." 

Those curious can check out tickets here. Do you dare step into Kanye's operatic world?