There are millions of eyes on everything Kanye West tweets as the world awaits the imminent release of his seventh album, The Life of Pablo, the final title of which -- after many revisions -- was revealed last night. Hours before Kanye unveils The Life of Pablo, as well as his new Yeezy Season 3 clothing line, at Madison Square Garden, he has shared some details regarding one of the tracks on the album's tracklist, "Father Stretch My Hands." 

On Kanye's handwritten tracklist, "Father Stretch My Hands" is listed as a two-part song, so it's unclear as to which part he's referencing on his recent tweet. 

Unsurprisingly, he revealed that he wrote the song with his own father in mind: "I cried writing this. I love my Dad." 

Along with those words, Kanye attached a screenshot from his computer that shows some of the lyrics to "Father Stretch My Hands." Read below: 

up in the morning
miss you bad
sorry that i ain't call you back
the same problems my father had 
all his time
all he had
all he had
in what what he dreamed
all his cash
market crashed
hurt him bad
people get divorced for that
drop some stacks pops is good
momma pass in hollywood
if you ask
lost my soul
driving fast
lost control
off the road
jaw was broke
remember we
all was broke
member I'm 
coming back
and I'll be taking all the stacks

Going forward: more tweets like this, and less on Bill Cosby's innocence