In the latest in Kanye West Twitter news, Kanye has expressed his desire for a joint tour with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at the helm. 

This supposed tour, while it would probably be fire, is also incredibly unlikely. Cardi and Nicki have had an on again off again beef simmering for a while now, and Nicki's recent sit down interview with Zane Lowe brought a lot of drama out into the open.

For the uninitiated, Nicki and Cardi have been pitted against each other for a long time, which is what tends to happen when there's more than one female rapper buzzing at a time. For the longest time, the two of them would never acknowledge any sort of beef, saying the entire thing was a fabrication by the internet. The two of them even featured together on the Migos' "Motorsport."

However, when Nicki released her song "Chun-Li" on April 12th, everything changed. Nicki was taking direct shots at Cardi, and went to Twitter to expose her for trying to get Nicki's "Motorsport" verse changed and then denying it.

Since then the relationship between the two women has settled down somewhat, but it's unknown how they really feel about one another. 

Kanye's idea could act as a sort of testament to female unity, taking the two biggest female rappers in the game and having them put the media drama aside would be cool to see, and would probably make a sick show to boot. Get Lil Kim and Azealia Banks on there and it'll be unstoppable.